Proto Type Hologram

50cm and 70cm

holographic display 3d



holographic display 3d


Holographic Display - Buy or rent


43B incl. cover
220 €




50cm professional
Ask project price €


70cm professional
Ask project price €

  • Brightness
    LED quantity
    LED type and quality !
    Control via remote control, mobile phone app, connection via Wifi, internet hotspot or cloud (internet)
    Bluetooth support for speakers
    Video wall function (several devices to one big 3D display)




Technical properties of hologram fans

Brightness: 800 to 2000 cd/m² , cd= candela, like candlelight, indicates how bright the LEDs shine. At 800 cd/m², the video projection is only visible in dark rooms.

With our professional units from 1600 cd/m², these are the only ones on the market (!) that are still visible even under sunlight behind (!) the shop window.

Outside in direct sunlight, of course, the display is no longer visible. Only possible on cloudy days.

LEDs: The more LEDS, the better the resolution of the graphics. 512 LEDS are sufficient for 3D objects without details. If details are to be shown, e.g. diamonds of a gold ring, the 1024 LED variant is recommended, which has almost HD quality.




Technical Comparison


Quality comparison - competitors and our unit on the right



Hologram Fan Displays


hologram ventilator

Diameter cm 43 50 / 55 70 100
Feature Low Price Cloud Control HD Huge
Brightness cd/m² 800 1600 1600 / 3000 1600
Resolution px low 512x512
1024x1024 1080p HD
2048x2048 2K
1024x1024 1080p HD
Noise dB 60 52-55 55 60
Watt 35 70 / 75 140 140
Weight kg 2 0,8 /1,8 1,2 1,7
Bluetooth Speaker no yes / no yes / no no
Wall-sync no yes / no no no





Application Area

Any retail

hologram video

Once upon a time...

3d hologram video



Watches, Jewellery

free hologramshologram watch

Restaurants, Coffee Shops

free hologramshologram software

Virtual mannequins

create hologram



Inspire customers to enter your premises with cloud-based digital signage


Advertising has been a major part of modern history, offering businesses the chance to really entice people to shop with them. Through the use of holographic signage, though, you can utilize hologram advertising technology to help make people want to come and visit your business.


Already, we’ve helped businesses to help diversify their advertising and thus draw in new customers from all across the globe. Our team love to help out in this kind of service, and we’ve created easy-to-use solutions for quick, simple animation.


Floating 3D video effects

Using Hologra3, you can expect videos that can rotate and provide the full 3D picture to the passing audience. With a 176-degree angle, you can create something that really impresses the clientele. So far, we’ve been told by our customers that our service has helped them to:


  • Utilise use cloud-based signage technology so you can control the device from anywhere through an app with the smartphone of your choice. You can even do it from home!
  • Play their own MP4 videos. If necessary, we supported them in the creation. By default, approximately 100 videos are pre-installed on the device for each major industry.
  • Utilise high-luminosity LEDs to create full colour advertisements that stand out. Delivered at 2X HD resolution, delivering crisp and professional imagery.
  • Reduce power consumption thanks to our 70-140W systems, using far less power than even traditional TV advertising.
  • Advertise outside of conventional spaces. With a total weight of 0.8kg to a maximum of 2kg and the supplied tripod, users can easily place it anywhere they wish!
  • The propellers rotate so fast that they disappear for the visible eye. Thus, the advertising message for the viewer hovers. Pioneering, eye-catching technology!
  • Permanent and silent marketing. The brushless rotor enables continuous operation of 24 hours at just 50dB volume.  Basically, it’s like hearing a radio rushing.
  • Find rental solutions for short-term advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Provide lifelong support to our clients, with on-site servicing and support as and when needed.



Why you should buy from us?


Brightness 1600 cd/m²

16 million colors




Need more? Hologra3 can also provide you with:


  • An integrated Bluetooth speaker plays the music of your choice, so you get not only visual but also auditory advertising effects that really help to promote your products.
  • Extensive accessories such as a three-legged tripod, ceiling and stand holder, protective cover on the interior or exterior, as well as a backpack carrier.
  • Multiple device pairing. Using our cloud based digital signage, you can utilise several devices with a maximum size of 11x11 each to create an interesting, engaging mosaic. With the right size of advertising, you could even compete with the Times Square advertising screen in New York!


We also provide assistance and specific requests on demand, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any help or support.  






Digital Signage Advertisement

Start campaigns by one click

digitale hologramm werbung

Internet Remote Control, easy installation

Build groups of devices easily per app

Our digital signage solutions are offered to various professionals and industries.

    Some of our most well-suited clients, though, include:

    • Supermarket owners who want to stand out from their competitors with modern technology. You want to leave your shop visitors with a "wow" factor and have them tell their friends about it.
    • Shop keepers who lure passing passers-by to your shop window and proudly present their products. Great for raising awareness and boosting your reputation.
    • Restaurant owners who want to create a modern ambience and give every visitor an unforgettable experience, utilizing modern and ambitious technology.
    • Event managers who want to give your audience and artists an experience that they are unlikely to ever forget.
    • Business owners and advertisers who are not afraid to use modern technology for their business advantage. Ideal for anyone really looking to make a big splash in a new industry.
    • Entrepreneurs who have understood marketing and want to gain a competitive advantage. By using cloud based digital signage, you can create an image that’s instantly appealing to all.
    • Tech-savvy people who can operate apps and wish to use a more modern form of advertising than resorting to TV displays.






    Hologram advertising technology is NOT for:

    However, we do know that some people might wish to use our service when it might not be suitable. In a bid to help you avoid this issue, we recommend that anyone in the following circumstances consider their approach:


    • Event managers, supermarket and restaurant owners who cling to outdated marketing measures and hope that customers will come by themselves purely through word of mouth.
    • People who are not open to new technology or don’t wish to operate with new solutions that could help to promote their business.
    • People who can't operate a smartphone or have no desire to use smartphones as part of their wider approach to business.



    Now, let us ask you a question regarding your advertising

    Would you like to put a real customer magnet in your shop window that immediately attracts the attention of passers-by?

    Do you want to make your external appearance pleasantly different from your competitors? Do you want to stand out and innovate as opposed to doing the same old things?

    Would you like to bring more visitors to your staff so that your team can talk to as many potential customers as possible?



    Hologram Accessories

    catch clients




    What exactly do we provide you at HOLOGRA3?

    We offer a device that will dwarf the monitors and TVs that will play out advertising in the shop window. Literally. Not only in size, but in appearance and in effect. You’ll draw many glances towards your business courtesy of the high-end holographic imagery that will definitely catch the attention of the public.

    Our device produces a hologram effect by using LEDs mounted on propellers. This allows you to broadcast your advertising message to passers-by with a 3D effect and guarantee that you will get all of the attention. We can also show you how to add audio as well, so that you can play a full video with sound to help capture the intended audience as they pass by. What’s more eye-catching than holographic, cloud-based digital signage?



    HOLOGRA3 - Hologram 3D advertising technology -

    For supermarkets, shop windows, restaurants and events.


    Do you run a business and require help in making yourself stand out?

    Are you looking for an easy way to help build a new kind of marketing that benefits your business?

    Would you like to entice customers to come in to your store through creative advertising?


    Then HOLOGRA3 is here to help you do just that. We’re professional experts in the art of hologram advertising technology. We deliver cloud-based digital signage to our customers; a high-end, modern solution for advertising your business and really making it stand out.