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Invest in the ideal Exhibition Eye-catcher with cloud based digital signage

When you want to make the right impression at an event or an exhibition, you need to stand out from the crowd. And what better way to do that either buying or renting a hologram device?
You can easily pin this to the wall on its own, or you could use multiple displays to build a much larger, eye-catching image. This holographic device system that we provide has been made to be as easy as possible to install for anyone. Even if you lack technical expertise, setting this up should not be a challenge for you. If you do need any help, though, reach out to us today for support!


How can digital signage help you to stand out?

  • Change the way that you are seen by people attending the trade show, opening their eyes to what can be done with marketing today.
  • Showcase your latest products and services easily with a holographic image that is sure to catch the attention of those passing by.
  • Attract clients to your business. Use this as a conversion magnet to get people to visit your stall or your store and make an investment with you.
  • Become the start of any event, exhibition, or trade show with a modern and enterprising form of advertising that few others will be using.
  • Set up as many devices as you need, with various size combinations allowed both horizontally and vertically.


Get the right size of device today

At Hologra3, we provide cloud based digital signage in numerous sizes. Each size can also be adjusted and changed to fit with your current needs, combining with other displays to make something very impressive indeed come to life. The sizes that we offer are varied, but include:

  • 1x 4 – Digital people, great for personalised advertising and mannequins.
  • Even dimensions, such as 3X3, 4X4.
  • Odd dimensions, such as 4X3 and 4X6.


In fact, we can help any combination right up to a size as large as 11x11. Just let us know the size of product that you need, and our team will make sure that they can deliver the quality that you require.
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