Well, it's not a real 3D hologram that projects light outwards like a laser, but the effect is deceptively real.

The rotor blades are equipped with LEDs, and as they rotate they form a round 2D display in the air.

If the background is also dark, the eye hardly notices the rotating blades.

Now the video is played inside the circle. Inside is important, because otherwise the round screen is visible, the 3D effect would disappear...

The video moving back and forth in 3D movements is now perceived as a floating 3D video.

Now the customers may marvel with their mouths open ;)


Quality comparison - competitors and our unit on the right



At the bottom of the picture, next to the mobile phone, you can see a floating 3D video, but that is only shown here to explain the technology with 2D images.

As already mentioned, there is no video beaming forward, it only appears in 2D exactly where the LEDs are placed.

If you look at the video from a distance of 3m from an angle of 176 degrees, it appears to be 3D. If you come within 1 m of the beam and look closely, you will see a 2D video,

you see a 2D video with concentration. If you have any questions, just use our chat here!





How to create 3D video content for holographic fans ?

  • Easily animate your 2D images within minutes
  • Use our service for professional results

    It is easier to get or create 3D videos (for free) as you maybe think, ask us, we support you !

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    catch clients

    3D mp4 video samples ready to try out

    Video content is just an mp4 video, you get about 100 samples

    Easy control ove Android or IOS App or Web Cloud

    Internet remote control and easy upload of video files

    Turn on / off or set start / stop time, daylight or night brightness mode

    Name every fan and create a group, edit playing order




    Hologram advertising technology is NOT for:

    However, we do know that some people might wish to use our service when it might not be suitable. In a bid to help you avoid this issue, we recommend that anyone in the following circumstances consider their approach:


    • Event managers, supermarket and restaurant owners who cling to outdated marketing measures and hope that customers will come by themselves purely through word of mouth.
    • People who are not open to new technology or don’t wish to operate with new solutions that could help to promote their business.
    • People who can't operate a smartphone or have no desire to use smartphones as part of their wider approach to business.

    Holographic People

    Visual Mannequins



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